Episode 235 – The Jump Rope Contest!


This week, we’re taking a hard look at rope and the jumping over thereof! We’re also looking at Sister Bear and her bragging ways and how if you brag too much… nothing bad will happen. It’s “The Berenstain Bears and the Jump Rope Contest!”


Episode 234 – Benjamin Clark and the Charles M Schulz Museum


This week, I have a very exciting guest on the show. Benjamin L. Clark is the curator of the Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center in Palo Alto, California. He’s joining me this week to talk Schulz, cartoonists, legacy and the delights of archives!

Benjamin’s Twitter – twitter.com/BLClark
Charles M. Schulz Museum Twitter – twitter.com/SchulzMuseum
Charles M. Schulz Museum Website – schulzmuseum.org


Episode 232 – By The Sea!


Are you ready to get sandy?! No? Me neither. I hate the beach. But, the Bear Family loves(?) it! They can’t wait to get there! So, of course, Mama and Papa make the cubs wait. And wait. And wait. And then they get in the water. That’s the story! SEA ya!