Episode 235 – The Jump Rope Contest!


This week, we’re taking a hard look at rope and the jumping over thereof! We’re also looking at Sister Bear and her bragging ways and how if you brag too much… nothing bad will happen. It’s “The Berenstain Bears and the Jump Rope Contest!”


Episode 225 – In the Wax Museum!


When is a mystery *not* a mystery? When nothing mysterious happens! “The Berenstain Bears IN the Wax Museum” acts like a mystery, but it’s really a community drama about zoning ordinances. It makes a lot of promises it can’t keep and sets up plot points that melt like the wax in Madame Bearsaud’s statues, but I don’t care because KACIE GALYON is back to help me get through it! Welcome back to the show, Kacie!


Episode 223 – Go Hollywood!


I’ve been alone so long! This week, I bring back two things that this show desperately needed: the Big Chapter Books and A GUEST! Yes, I am joined by author and screenwriter Mark Wheaton, the author of “Emily Eternal” and the Luis Chavez Mysteries. He’s here to help me pick apart a book about… filmmaking? The Hollywood machine? Cecil B. DeMille? It’s a mess; but a FUN mess!


Episode 220 – The White Water Mystery!



“Bear Country exists in a state of temporal flux” is something I say in this episode about a children’s book about cheating. So, that’s something. It’s the final Merit Badge Mystery, the final Dr. Wise Old Owl, the final not-really-a-mystery mystery; it’s “The Berenstain Bear Scouts and the White Water Mystery!”


Episode 215 – The Stinky Milk Mystery

Join me for another INCREDIBLE MYSTERY that doesn’t introduce itself until the book is nearly finished and that is then solved by a non-character in one page. That’s right! It’s a Berenstain Bear Scouts Merit Badge Mystery! But, like past Merit Badge Mysteries, it’s not much of a mystery. But, it’s still weird and fun. Join me for “The Stinky Milk Mystery” and discover my the milk may, in fact, be stinky.


Episode 212 – The Escape of the Bogg Brothers (2000)/The Missing Watermelon Money (2001)


This week, we’re gearing up for HALLOWEEN SEASON with our first MYSTERIES! That’s right! The Bear Detectives are here to liven up your week with the “Escape of the Bogg Brothers” and the “Missing Watermelon Money!”


Episode 210 – Say Please and Thank You (2011)!


This week,  I’m taking a look at a book FILLED with BOOKS! It’s 2011’s “The Berenstain Bears Say Please and Thank You” and it’s NOT related to last week’s book at all! It’s a whole new thing entirely!