Episode 223 – Go Hollywood!


I’ve been alone so long! This week, I bring back two things that this show desperately needed: the Big Chapter Books and A GUEST! Yes, I am joined by author and screenwriter Mark Wheaton, the author of “Emily Eternal” and the Luis Chavez Mysteries. He’s here to help me pick apart a book about… filmmaking? The Hollywood machine? Cecil B. DeMille? It’s a mess; but a FUN mess!


Episode 201 – The Funny Valentine!


This week, I am joined by two delightful souls, Christy Admiraal and Brian Skinner, as we traverse the completely off-season topic of Valentines Day! Who is an appropriate suitor for Sister? What’s a Thousand Legger? A Hop Toad? Whither fistball. We talk it all!



Episode 200 – The Excuse Note!


This week, I’m playing with a FULL HOUSE or FULL BACKYARD as I’m joined by not one, not two, not three but FOUR GUESTS! Yes, Elana is back and she’s brought her niece, Miriam, and her aunt and uncle Meryl and Evan for a backyard conversation about excuses and notes and “The Berenstain Bears and the Excuse Note!”


Episode 181 – And Baby Makes Five!


This week, I’m joined by Annette Gagliardi. Annette is an educator, poet and author who lives in the Twin Cities and was my teacher for several years in Early Childhood Family Education. I figured, heck, she knows her business when it comes to kids, so who better to walk us through “The Berenstain Bears and Baby Makes Five?” The book where we finally meet Honey. And then immediately forget about Honey.


Episode 155 – The G-Rex Bones!


This week, I’m joined by Erin Ayers – one half of the Over the Table Top podcast – to discuss a tale of fraud and dinosaurs. It’s “The Berenstain Bears and the G-Rex Bones!” How far will Ralph go to secure a million dollars? Pretty far! Will he sell out his own personal values and ruin the reputation of a fine upstanding bear like Actual Factual? Sure! Will any of this plot make a lick of sense? Nope!